With over 35 years CNC programmingCAD DesignAerospaceAutomotive and Machine Shop Management Experience, ourconsulting services offer expedient and sound advice for all your projects.We offer you the latest machining techniques, tooling choices and work-holding systems that may not be currently utilized by your company.  With a wide array of experience, we can provide your business with the know-how to tackle any project regardless of its complexity.

In today’s competitive market, many companies are finding ways to cut costs. Enlisting the services of CAD Engineering on an “as needed, when needed” basis can help you cut costs as well as be responsive to your Customers needs.

Here is a list of our services:

    • Estimating
    • Planning
    • CNC Lathe Programming, Multi axis, Multi Spindles
    • CNC Mill Programming, 3,4 and 5 axis
    • CNC Wire EDM Programming 4 axis
    • CNC Macro Programming (Using Variables)
    • CNC Machine Setup (Parameters)
    • CNC Machine Setup- Job related
    • Tooling Design and Implementation



Our rates are very competitive and you will always find fast, easy to use and friendly services.
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